Daily Work/Homework

Mrs. McNichols' 8th Grade Science

What did we do today?

 As much as I will try to update this assignment page each day, there may be times when I am unable to do so.  Please encourage your 8th grader to write assignments in his/her assignment notebook.


2019-2020 School Year

Monday 3-9-20

Finished Ticker Tape Lab with groups.  Turn in at the end of period.

Tuesday 3-10-20

Begin to review pages 46-50 for Quiz on Friday.

Wednesday 3-11-20

Complete Describing Motion with Diagrams ws.  in class.

Thursday 3-12-20

Review for quiz.  Study guide for extra credit.

Friday 3-13-20 Motion quiz part 1.  Study for part 2 for Monday.   Study guide for extra credit.


Monday 3-3-20

No School - Pulaski Day

Tuesday 3-4-20

Reviewed speed, velocity, and acceleration.

Wednesday 3-5-20

PhET online simulation, Moving Man,  to compare velocity and acceleration.  Use this ws as a guide.  Begin to solve accel problems 1-6 - due tomorrow.

Thursday 3-6-20

Introduced Ticker Tape Diagrams and Lab using site: https://www.physicsclassroom.com/class/1DKin/Lesson-2/Introduction-to-Diagrams together and reading through Ticker Tape Lab.

Friday 3-7-20

Conduct Ticker Tape Lab   with lab group.  We can finish on Monday.


Monday 2-24-20

Read together Comparing Speed Lab.  Complete Pre-lab - due tomorrow.

Tuesday 2-25-20

Collect pre-lab.  Work in lab groups to conduct Comparing Speed lab. Finish up to the graph and we will work on it tomorrow.  Vocab from 2-18-20 is due tomorrow.

Wednesday 2-26-20

Watch timing video at https://www.nbclearn.com/science-of-the-summer-olympics/cuecard/59563          Continue & finish Comparing Speed Lab graph and questions.  Vocab from 2-18-20 is due.

Thursday 2-27-20

Discuss & collect Comparing Speed Lab.  Review speed & velocity problems ws 51.  Organize binder.

Friday 2-28-20

Acceleration demo, video clips to review speed, velocity and acceleration.



Monday 2-17-20

No School - President's Day.

Tuesday 2-18-20

Finish Virtual Lab, What Factors affect the rate of a Chem Reaction?, and turn in at the end of class.  In the new book, Forces & Motion, do vocab squares for: Position, Motion, Reference Point, Speed, Velocity, Acceleration.  Vocab squares are here.

Wednesday 2-19-20

No science class.  Half day.

Thursday 2-20-20

Read& complete pages 46-50.   Watch video clips  on motion and speed/velocity.

Friday 2-21-20

Reviewed pages 46-50.  Finished vocabl from Tuesday and turn in.



Monday 2-10-20

Review Lesson 2 Quiz.  Do vocab for lesson 3 (system, conduction, convection, radiation) using Frayer vocab squares, and read & complete pages 157-160. 

Tuesday 2-11-20

Virtual Lab - What Factors Affect the Rate of a Chemical Reaction?  Complete lab & lab paper.

Wednesday 2-12-20

Begin Lab on page 163.

Thursday 2-13-20

Finish Lab pages 163-164 and turn in.

Friday 2-14-20

Design a Container pages 165-166 in book.  Due at end of Period.



Monday 2-3-20

Begin Balancing Poster in class.  We will work on it tomorrow, too.  Lesson 2 Quiz next Thursday.

Tuesday 2-4-20

Continue Balancing Poster.Lesson 2 Quiz next Thursday.

Wednesday 2-5-20

Review for quiz.  Lesson 2 Quiz tomorrow.

Thursday 2-6-20

Lesson 2 Quiz today.

Friday 2-7-20

  Read and complete pages 152-156.  Do 4 vocab words (system, conduction, convection, radiation) using Frayer vocab squares.



Monday 1-27-20

Collect How to Count Atoms foldable.  Watch TedEd video on Conservation of mass.  Filled in Balancing Bottles ws together in class.

Tuesday 1-28-20

Read and discuss page 143.  Balancing equation video clip at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B735turDoM&disable_polymer=true

and complete 1/2 sheet in class.

Wednesday 1-29-20

Review Conservation of mass & discuss pages 144-145.  Begin Balancing activity.

Thursday 1-30-20

Continue Balancing Activity at your tables.  We can finish tomorrow.  Lesson 2 quiz will be next week.

Friday 1-31-20

Finish Balancing Activity and turn in.  Complete pages 146-151 in your book.  Lesson 2 Quiz next Thursday.



Monday 1-20-20

MLK day, no school

Tuesday 1-21-20

Collect Counting Atoms ws.  Read and complete pages 137-140, 142.

Wednesday 1-22-20

Half Day - watched video clips at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxPdPpi5W4o   and  https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/scientists-catch-video-atoms-forming-and-breaking-bonds-180974032/

Thursday 1-23-20

Review pages 137-142.

Friday 1-24-20

"How to Count Atoms"  foldable.  Due Monday.  Check for any missing assignments.



Monday 1-13-20

Chemical Reaction Demos.  Fill in chart.  Unit 3 Lesson 1 Quiz on Thursday.

Tuesday 1-14-20

Review for Thursday's Unit 3 Lesson 1 quiz.


Wednesday 1-15-20


Thursday 1-16-20

Unit 3 Lesson 1 Quiz click here.

Friday 1-17-20


Read and complete pages 132-136, and do Counting Atoms ws



Monday 1-6-20

No School

Tuesday 1-7-20

Read Baggie Lab, complete Pre-lab - due tomorrow.  Read and complete pages 121-124, & 126.

Wednesday 1-8-20 Conduct Baggie Lab.  Due tomorrow.
Thursday 1-9-20 Collect Baggie Lab.  Answer ques 21 on page 124.  Read and do pages 127 & 128, including question 4 in pairs.
Friday 1-10-20

Continue question 4 from page 128.  Due at end of period.  Period 6 will do Multiple choice ws instead.



Monday 12-16-19

Unit 3 Lesson 1 vocab due tomorrow.  

Tuesday 12-17-19

Read and complete pages 116-12-.  For question 10 on page 120, answer it on the back of yesterday's vocab using ACE writing strategy.

Wednesday 12-18-19 Collected Unit 1 Lesson 1 Vocab 7 question 10.  Do "Change of Pace" Virtual Lab.  We will continue tomorrow.
Thursday 12-19-19 Finish Virtual Lab and turn in at end of period.  Begin to read and do pages 121-124, & 126.  We will work on this after break also.
Friday 12-20-19



Monday 12-9-19

Continue working in groups on Packed to Perfection.  It is due tomorrow.  Units 1 & 2 Test Friday.  

Tuesday 12-10-19

MAP schedule.  Collected "Packed to Perfection".  Units 1 & 2 test Friday.

Wednesday 12-11-19 MAP schedule.  Review for Friday's test.
Thursday 12-12-19 Review for Friday's test.
Friday 12-13-19

Units 1 & 2 Test today,Click here

Period 6 click here


Monday 12-2-19

Begin diagram showing states of matter and changes of states.  We will work in class also on Tuesday.  Diagram is due on Wednesday.

Tuesday 12-3-19

Continue diagram showing states of matter and changes of states.  Diagram is due on Wednesday.

Wednesday 12-4-19 Collected Diagram.  Read and complete pages 99-104 in book.
Thursday 12-5-19 check in pages 99-104.  Begin "Packed to Perfection" performance task using dry ice.  We will also work on this tomorrow.
Friday 12-6-19

Checked in pages 99-104.  Continue working in groups on Packed to Perfection.  You should have pages 1 & 2 done.  


Monday 11-18-19

Read and complete pages 93 & 94 and complete ws 41 & 119.  Turn in the ws at the end of class.

Tuesday 11-19-19

Complete graph and questions for Boiling Point Lab.  Due tomorrow.

Wednesday 11-20-19 10 minutes to look over lab, especially graph and questions.  Turn in.  Then read and complete pages 95-98.
Thursday 11-21-19 Complete any missing work and turn in.
Friday 11-22-19



Monday 11-11-19

Veterans Day - No school

Tuesday 11-12-19

Practiced lighting the Bunsen burners in the lab.

Wednesday 11-13-19 Read and complete pages 86-88, 90-92 in book.
Thursday 11-14-19 Read Boiling Point Lab and complete pre-lab, due tomorrow.
Friday 11-15-19

Boiling Point lab


Monday 11-4-19

PhET "States of Matter-Basics" website.  Complete both sides of ws.  Also finish reading up to page 82, BrainPop ws both sides, and State of Matter ws both sides.  We will work on this tomorrow, too.

Tuesday 11-5-19

Same as Monday.  PhET ws is due at end of period.  Do States of matter Coloring sheet.

Wednesday 11-6-19 Do pages 83-84, Check your Work.  Begin reading and completing Lesson 2 pages 86-88, 90-92.  Watched video clip at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkAyG_the-k&disable_polymer=true
Thursday 11-7-19 Bunsen burner lighting intro.  Watched video clip at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3xHWzmSOfU
Friday 11-8-19

updated binders


Monday 10-28-19

Period 1 - Unit 1 Lesson 3 Quiz click here.

Periods 3, 6, 7, 8 Unit 1 Lesson 3 Quiz click here

Tuesday 10-29-19

Collected Virtual Lab - Trends in the Periodic Table and graph.  Do page 2.  Begin Unit 2 with pages 70-72.

Wednesday 10-30-19 BrainPoP video on states of matter.  Do ws. Continue in book up to page 76.
Thursday 10-31-19 Organize binders.  Read & do pages 77-82 in book.
Friday 11-1-19

Vocab chart ws.


Monday 10-21-19

Continue to work on Concept Map, due Wednesday.

Tuesday 10-22-19

Read & complete pages 52-55.  You can work on concept map when finished with reading.  Map is due tomorrow.

Wednesday 10-23-19 Collect Concept Map.  Begin Virtual Lab - Trends in the periodic table and complete ws.
Thursday 10-24-19 Graph the data from the Virtual Lab.  Lesson 3 (pages 40-61) Quiz will be on Monday.
Friday 10-25-19

Reviewed Lesson 3, pages 40-58.  Do pages 59-61 on your own.  Lesson 3 Quiz Monday.


Monday 10-14-19

No School - Columbus Day

Tuesday 10-15-19

Read and answer questions in book from pages 44-50.  Skip the lab on pg 48 for now. Watch video clip at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbbOBPfH_uk  to tell the difference between atoms and molecules.

Wednesday 10-16-19 Quick Lab ID Elements & Compounds.  Complete lab sheet and questions.
Thursday 10-17-19 Lab on pages 48-49 to model Molecules.  Answer step 5 question on sheet of notebook paper using ACE.
Friday 10-18-19

Collect step 5 question.  Do vocab for unit 3 and begin concept map.


Monday 10-7-19

Continue working on Adopt an Element poster project.  Due Wednesday.

Tuesday 10-8-19

Begin Lesson 3 pages 40-45.  Read and answer questions in book.  Watch video clip at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbbOBPfH_uk  to tell the difference between atomxs and molecules.

Wednesday 10-9-19 Collect Element poster.  Mythbusters video & fill in science & engineering ws.
Thursday 10-10-19 Finish Mythbusters video and ws.
Friday 10-11-19

Check Lesson 2 quiz grade.  Read & do pages 43 & 44.



Monday 9-30-19

Read & notes for pages 29-33.  Go to this site for atom review:


Lesson 2 quiz on Thursday.

Tuesday 10-1-19

Video clip on periodic table at:  https://illinois.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/nvhe.sci.chemistry.periodic/developing-the-periodic-table/

Complete fill-in-blanks ws.  Lesson 2 quiz on Thursday.

Wednesday 10-2-19 Lesson 2 quiz on Thursday.  Period 8 click here for quiz.
Thursday 10-3-19 Lesson 2 quiz click here.  Intro to Adopt an Element project.
Friday 10-4-19

Continue working on element project.



Monday 9-23-19


Collect Comparing Densities Lab pgs 25 & 26.  Read and Discuss pages 24 & 27. 

Tuesday 9-24-19

Read page 28.  Watched video clips on atoms and matter.  Complete side 1 of Atoms Family ws.

Wednesday 9-25-19 Updated & collected binders.  Begin to work on Virtual Lab "How an Atom is Structured"
Thursday 9-26-19

Continue working on Virtual Lab.

Friday 9-27-19





Monday 9-16-19


Discuss pages 12 & 13.  Lesson 1 Quiz on Thursday.

Tuesday 9-17-19

Continue reading in book pages 14-16 and complete all questions from the reading.  Video clip for chem & phys properties.  All Virtual Labs are due today.   Lesson 1 Quiz on Thursday.

Wednesday 9-18-19 Read & complete pgs. 17-21.  Complete "Is It Matter?" ws and turn in.  Lesson 1 Quiz on Thursday.
Thursday 9-19-19

Lesson 1 Quiz today click here.

Friday 9-20-19

Compare Densities Lab pages 25 & 26.  Due Monday.



Monday 9-9-19


Lab Equipment Test click here.  Read pgs 3-9 in book and do vocab.  Complete Is It Matter? ws

Tuesday 9-10-19

Continue reading in book up to page 11 and complete all questions from the reading.  

Wednesday 9-11-19 Finished reading and notes up to page 11.
Thursday 9-12-19

Complete Virtual Lab  Density on HMH app.

Friday 9-13-19

Complete Density Lab on pages 12 & 13 in book.  Due at end of class.



Monday 9-2-19


Labor Day - No School

Tuesday 9-3-19

Go to Mrs. Bendoraitis' webpage and use her slideshow to fill in names and uses for lab equipment.

Wednesday 9-4-19 Lab equipment rotations.  Study for tomorrow's Safety quiz.  Lab equipment quiz will be Monday.  8th period - do equipment puzzles, due tomorrow. 
Thursday 9-5-19

Lab Safety Quiz click here

Do Equipment puzzles when finished - due tomorrow.

Friday 9-6-19

Collect Lab equipment assignments.  Science Pre-test click here.  Look through new Chemistry books and do scavenger hunt.  Study for Monday's Lab Equipment test.



Monday 8-26-19


Do Lab Safety webquest.  Go to


for safety website.

Tuesday 8-27-19

Continue to work on Lab Safety Webquest.

Wednesday 8-28-19 Binder organization.
Thursday 8-29-19

Finish Lab Safety Webquest and turn in.  Read pink Safety Rules sheet.  Work on Safety rules story and picture ws.

Friday 8-30-19

Continue safety rules story ws and turn in.



Monday 8-19-19

Finish Measurement worksheets and turn in.

Tuesday 8-20-19

Measurement Lab.

Wednesday 8-21-19 Graphing Pre-test click here.  Read Intro to Graph ws (pink)
Thursday 8-22-19

Do bar and line graph ws.

Friday 8-23-19

Finished Measurement Lab and graphing ws.  Turned both papers in at the end of class.



2018-2019 School Year


Monday 6-3-19


Tuesday 6-4-19

Go to LOGIN.LEGENDSOFLEARNING.COM  and sign up to play Kinetic Energy game or Magnet game.  Teacher log-in is MCNICHOLS


go to https://assets.jason.org/resource_assets/4851/8673/coaster.html    to design a roller coaster.

Wednesday 6-5-19 Graphing Pre-test click here.
Thursday 6-6-19


Friday 6-7-19




Monday 5-27-19

 No school - Memorial Day

Tuesday 5-28-19 Begin Marbles at Work lab.
Wednesday 5-29-19 Continue Marbles at work.  Do part 3.
Thursday 5-30-19

Continue Marbles at work.  Do part 4.

Friday 5-31-19

Finish Marbles at Work lab and turn in by end of period.  If you are finished early, go to LOGIN.LEGENDSOFLEARNING.COM  and sign up to play Kinetic Energy game or Magnet game.  Teacher log-in is MCNICHOLS



Monday 5-20-19

 Begin Electromagnet lab.  Magnet & Electromagnet Test Thursday.  Remember that the reading sections can be found  here Magnet section 3.1  and Electromagnets Click here for the reading.

Tuesday 5-21-19 Continue Electromagnet Lab.  Magnet & Electromagnet Test Thursday.  Remember that the reading sections can be found  here Magnet section 3.1  and Electromagnets Click here for the reading.
Wednesday 5-22-19

Finish final part of Electromagnet lab and review for Magnet & electromagnet test.  Remember that the reading sections can be found  here Magnet section 3.1  and Electromagnets Click here for the reading.

Thursday 5-23-19

Magnet and Electromagnet Test click here.

Friday 5-24-19

Energy definition ws.



Monday 5-13-19

 Per 2,3,4 - Lab stations for magnets.  Collect lab sheet.

Per 6,7,8 - Finish reading, notes, and ws for Magnet section 3.1

Tuesday 5-14-19

Per 6,7,8 - Lab stations for magnets.  Collect lab sheet.

Per 2,3,4 - Finish reading, notes, and ws for Magnet section 3.1

Wednesday 5-15-19

Begin Electromagnets with reading and notes for sec 3.2.  Watch video clips at:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=emlzh9XXWgQ&ibss=1&disable_polymer=true    and 


Thursday 5-16-19

Read and notes for electromagnets section 3.2.

Friday 5-17-19

Continue and finish reading "Current can Produce Magnetism" and take notes.  Click here for the reading.



Monday 5-6-19

 Begin Hanging Around lab.  Make data table and gather data.

Tuesday 5-7-19 Hanging Around lab graph and begin conclusion.
Wednesday 5-8-19 Finish Hanging Around Lab and turn in at end of period.
Thursday 5-9-19

Begin Magnetic Force - read and take notes.

Friday 5-10-19

Continue reading and notes for section 3.1.  Per. 2,3,4 - open note quiz.


Monday 4-29-19

 Write the conclusion for the lab.  Labs are due tomorrow.

Tuesday 4-30-19 Collect Labs.
Wednesday 5-1-19 Finish reading section 3.1 and do gravity ws.
Thursday 5-2-19

Review for gravity quiz.

Friday 5-3-19 Gravity Quiz click here.  Read Hanging Around Lab and make data table.


Monday 4-22-19

 Continue to plan an investigation in groups using Mass & motion.  Write the procedure today.

Tuesday 4-23-19 Continue to plan an investigation in groups using Mass & motion.  Make data table(s) and begin to conduct lab & collect data.
Wednesday 4-24-19 Career day & half day dismissal.
Thursday 4-25-19

Finish conducting lab & collecting data.  Begin to graph.

Friday 4-26-19 Finish graph and begin writing conclusion.


Monday 4-15-19

 Group work for Newton's 3rd Law.  Test on Wednesday.

Tuesday 4-16-19 Newton's Laws review for test.  Watch 3 Laws video clip at https://www.nbclearn.com/science-of-nhl-hockey/cuecard/56615
Wednesday 4-17-19 Newton's Laws Test - Chap 2 sections 1,2,3  Click here for the test.
Thursday 4-18-19

Begin to plan an investigation in groups using Mass & motion.

Friday 4-19-19 No School - Good Friday


Monday 4-8-19

 go to:  https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/forces-1d  and complete guided ws.

Tuesday 4-9-19 Continue and finish the PhET interactive from yesterday.  Worksheet is Due tomorrow.  Finsh reading and notes for section 2.2 by Thursday.
Wednesday 4-10-19 Collect PhET Forces ws.  Begin to practice F=ma problems on Newton's 2nd Law ws.
Thursday 4-11-19

Continue F=ma problems, due tomorrow.  Check in section 2.2 notes.

Friday 4-12-19 Collect 2nd Law ws.  Begin 2.3 in groups.  Newton's Laws Test Wednesday.


Monday 4-1-19

Finish collecting data for lab.  Complete graph and questions.  Due Wednesday.

Tuesday 4-2-19 No school - Election Day
Wednesday 4-3-19

Collect Newton's First Law Lab.  Watched video clips at:

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&reload=9&v=Q0Wz5P0JdeU&ibss=1&disable_polymer=true and

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUpiV2I_IRI&ibss=1&disable_polymer=true.  Complete 1st Law ws, due tomorrow.

Thursday 4-4-19


Friday 4-5-19  



Monday 3-18-19

Per 2,3,7,8  test part 2 Click here

Tuesday 3-19-19 Begin to read and take Cornell notes for section 2.1 Forces pages 41-47.
Wednesday 3-21-19 Continue and finish reading and notes.  Watched NFL video clip at:  https://www.nbclearn.com/science-of-nfl-football/cuecard/50884  Complete ws p. 46 Balanced & Unbalanced Forces.
Thursday 3-22-19

Read Newton's First Law lab and complete pre lab.

Friday 3-23-19 Collect Pre lab.  Conduct 1st Law Lab.




Monday 3-11-19

Finish Ticker Tape Lab and turn in at end of period.  Chapter 1 Test:  Per 4 & 6 Thursday,  Per 2,3,7,8 Friday.

Tuesday 3-12-19 Students will work on Chap 1 concept map and chap review questions pgs 35 & 36 #s 1-18, 25, 27-29 and page 37 #s 1-5 for review & reinforcement.  Periods 4 & 6 will take chap 1 test Thursday.  Per 2,3,7,8 will test Friday.  Use Quizlet to help study.
Wednesday 3-13-19 Students will work on Chap 1 concept map and chap review questions pgs 35 & 36 #s 1-18, 25, 27-29 and page 37 #s 1-5 for review & reinforcement.  Periods 4 & 6 will take chap 1 test Thursday.  Per 2,3,7,8 will test Friday.
Thursday 3-14-19

Periods 4 and 6 take Chapter 1 test.  Click here.   Per 2,3,7,8 will test Friday.

Friday 3-15-19

Per 2,3,7,8  test click here  Part 2 will be Monday.



Monday 3-4-19

Completed PhET "Motion Simulation: The Moving Man"  and completed guided ws.  Did Motion Math Practice 1/2 sheet for acceleration problems.

Tuesday 3-5-19 Self check acceleration problems and discuss Moving Man.  Take Ticker Tape notes from https://www.physicsclassroom.com/Class/1DKin/U1L2b.cfm.  
Wednesday 3-6-19 Teacher demo with drippy water bottle.  Complete Describing Motion ws.
Thursday 3-7-19

Collect Describing Motion ws.  Conduct Ticker Tape Acceleration Lab.

Friday 3-8-19

Continue Ticker Tape Lab.



Monday 2-25-19

Finished Lab questions and did graph.  Due tomorrow.  Quiz for sections 1.1 and 1.2 tomorrow.

Tuesday 2-26-19 Collect Lab & graph.  Motion & Speed quiz (sec 1 & 2)  Click here   Collect binders.
Wednesday 2-27-19 Read Pages 25-31 & take Cornell style notes.
Thursday 2-28-19

Reviewed acceleration pages 25-31.

Friday 3-1-19




Monday 2-18-19

No School - Presidents Day

Tuesday 2-19-19 Continue and finish reading and notes for section 1.2.
Wednesday 2-20-19 Worked on Speed & Velocity problems.
Thursday 2-21-19

Comparing Speed Pre-Lab - due tomorrow.

Friday 2-22-19

Collect pre lab.  Do Comparing Speed Lab.



Monday 2-11-19

Continue to work on Conservation of Mass poster.  Study for quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday 2-12-19 Section 2.2 Quiz - Click here    Turn in Conservation of Mass posters.
Wednesday 2-13-19 Switch books.  Read and take Cornell notes for section 1.1 pages 9-14 in Motion and Forces book.
Thursday 2-14-19

Discuss section 1.1 and collect notes..  Watch video clips at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oSrDrDLylw&ibss=1&disable_polymer=true  and  https://www.nbclearn.com/science-of-the-summer-olympics/cuecard/59563  and fill out activity chart.


Friday 2-15-19

Begin to read and notes for section 2.2.


Monday 2-4-19

Collect Count Atoms Foldable.  Watch video clip at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B735turDoM&ibss=1&disable_polymer=true       Complete Balancing Intro (half sheet) due tomorrow.

Tuesday 2-5-19

Finish half sheet.  Balancing Equations video clip #2  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA3TZJ2em6g&disable_polymer=true&ibss=1  Begin Balancing Equations card activity.

Wednesday 2-6-19

Work on Balancing Equations activity - due tomorrow.

Thursday 2-7-19 Balancing Equations activity due today.  Finish summary of Cornell notes.  Conservation of Mass ws.
Friday 2-8-19

Begin Conservation of Mass poster.  We will work on it Monday and it will be due Tuesday.  Quiz on sec 2.2 on Tuesday.


Monday 1-28-19

No School - Snow Day

Tuesday 1-29-19

Finish reading & Cornell style notes for pages 56-61.  Look at PhET simulation at:  https://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/reactants-products-and-leftovers/latest/reactants-products-and-leftovers_en.html

Wednesday 1-30-19

No school -Cold day

Thursday 1-31-19 No school -Cold day
Friday 2-1-19

Count Atoms Foldable


Monday 1-21-19

No School - MLK Jr. Day

Tuesday 1-22-19

Balancing Bottles demo and ws for Conservation of Mass.  Watched video clip at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=2S6e11NBwiw&ibss=1&disable_polymer=true

Wednesday 1-23-19

Half-day  -  Update Binders, Video clip of Conservation of Mass

Thursday 1-24-19 Quiz corrections on ws , finish article "Everyday Compound or Poison", do vocab page 56.
Friday 1-25-19

Collected quiz corrections.  Begin to read & Cornell style notes for pages 56-61.


Monday 1-14-19

Finish Baggie Lab & turn it in.  Do Phys & Chem changes foldable.  Study for Section 2.1 quiz on Friday.

Tuesday 1-15-19

Chemical reactions demos.  Fill out chart with the results of the reaction.    Study for Section 2.1 quiz on Friday.

Wednesday 1-16-19

Chem reaction demos.  Fill out chart with evidence.   Study for Section 2.1 quiz on Friday.

Thursday 1-17-19  
Friday 1-18-19

Chap 2.1 quiz click here.


Monday 1-7-19 Finish Ball & Stick Models and turn in worksheet.
Tuesday 1-8-19

Intro Cornell notes.  Begin to read chap 2 section 1 and take notes on notebook paper using Cornell notes.

Wednesday 1-9-19

Reavis Step-up day.  No science classes.

Thursday 1-10-19 Collect section 2.1 notes.  Read Baggie Lab and complete Pre-lab.
Friday 1-11-19

Collect Baggie Pre-lab.  Conduct Baggie Lab.


Monday 12-17-18 Read pgs 6-15 and complete fill-in notes.
Tuesday 12-18-18

Review of Valence electrons.  Do Counting Atoms ws  - due tomorrow. 

Wednesday 12-19-18

Collect Counting Atoms ws.  Update Binders and turn in.

Thursday 12-20-18 Begin Ball & Stick models of molecules.
Friday 12-21-18



Monday 12-3-18 Reflection for Quarter 1.  Synthetic materials demos.
Tuesday 12-4-18

SQ3R for pages 118-125 - Polymers.

Wednesday 12-5-18

Watched video clips on synthetic materials at: 

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1kDYyFOTQ8  and 

https://www.ted.com/talks/emma_bryce_what_really_happens_to_the_plastic_you_throw_away#t-230882.  Finish SQ3R and complete guided reading ws.  Sq3r and ws due tomorrow.

Thursday 12-6-18 Collected SQ3R and Guided Reading ws for Polymer section pages 118-125.  Begin research on polymers for PowerPoint, which is due Tuesday, Dec 11.
Friday 12-7-18

Continue research on polymers for PowerPoint, which is due Tuesday, Dec 11.


Monday 11-26-18 No School - Snow Day
Tuesday 11-27-18

Read Flame test Lab and complete Pre Lab.

Wednesday 11-27-18

Collect Flame test Pre-Lab.  Conduct Flame test lab.

Thursday 11-29-18 Atom Projects are due.  Complete Lab questions due tomorrow.
Friday 11-30-18

Collect Flame Test Labs.    Pre-Test #2 Click Here

Academic Block - http://bit.ly/2A6AOA7


Monday 11-12-18 No School - Veterans Day
Tuesday 11-13-18


Wednesday 11-14-18

Review for Local assessment sections 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2

Thursday 11-15-18 Local Assessment:  Click Here
Friday 11-16-18



Monday 11-5-18

Continue PhET from yesterday at:  https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/build-an-atom     to build an atom.  Work on Fill-in notes for section 3.2  Begin work on Atoms Family Math Challenge.  All 3 assignments are due Wed.  

Tuesday 11-6-18

No School - Election Day.

Wednesday 11-7-18

Collect Phet & Atoms Family Math ws.  Go over Fill-in notes.

Thursday 11-8-18 REad pages 88-89, 98 to the top of 100, and 105.  Do guided reading ws and fill-in notes.
Friday 11-9-18

Read pages 108-111.  Diagram nuclear fusion from page 109.


Monday 10-29-18

Finish Atoms Family Album ws and intro to section 3.2 page 80.

Tuesday 10-30-18

Read sec 3.2 p. 80-87 & do SQ3R.

Wednesday 10-31-18

Vocab Cut & paste.

Thursday 11-1-18 Collect Vocab Cut & Paste.  PhET simulation and ws at:  https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/build-an-atom     
Friday 11-2-18

Continue PhET from yesterday to build an atom.  Work on Fill-in notes for section 3.2


Monday 10-22-18

Begin diagram to show changes in states of matter in class.

Tuesday 10-23-18

Check in SQ3R sec. 2.2 pages 48-53 and Changes/States ws.  Continue working on diagram, due tomorrow.

Wednesday 10-24-18

Collect Phase Change diagram.  Read section 3.1 pages 74-79 and complete SQ3R.

Thursday 10-25-18 Complete Fill-in notes for section 2.2.
Friday 10-26-18

BrainPop video on atoms.  Do Atoms family worksheet.


Monday 10-15-18

Read Lab and complete Pre-lab.

Tuesday 10-16-18

Turn in Pre-labs.  Conduct Boiling Point Lab steps 1-15.

Wednesday 10-17-18

Graph Lab data.  Half day schedule.

Thursday 10-18-18 Complete Lab questions.  Lab is due Friday.  Begin States of Matter chart ws.  Check in SQ3R for pages 42-47 & check in assignment notebook.
Friday 10-19-18

Collect Boiling Point Lab.  Read using SQ3R section 2.2 pages 48-53.  Watched BrainPoP video.


Monday 10-8-18

No School - Columbus Day

Tuesday 10-9-18

Using SQ3R, read pages 22-27, recite, and review.  Complete ws pg 63 & 64.

Wednesday 10-10-18

Review and Recite pages 22-27.  Complete Changes in Matter ws 63 & 64.  Due tomorrow.  Safety Contracts due tomorrow.

Thursday 10-11-18 Using computers, go to:  https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/states-of-matter-basics  to see what happens to matter when it changes states.
Friday 10-12-18 Read pages 42-47 using SQ3R strategy & worksheet.


Monday 10-1-18

Voice lesson.  Finish Safety story - due Tuesday.  Safety Test Tuesday.  Quizlet flashcards at : https://quizlet.com/309416480/flashcards

Tuesday 10-2-18

Collect Safety story ws.  Take Lab Safety Test - click here.

Chem books given out.  Go to https://prezi.com/qg5rkaq0eobi/how-to-read-a-science-textbook/  to highlight ways to read a Science textbook.

Wednesday 10-3-18

Practice lighting the Bunsen burner.

Thursday 10-4-18

SQ3R intro.  Updated binders and turned them in.  

Friday 10-5-18 Begin section 1.3 with SQ3R reading strategy.



Monday 9-24-18

Review Meas. Test and State Contact graph.  Update binders.  Work on Equipment booklet, which is due tomorrow.  Click here for online Equipment flash cards.  Lab Equipment Test Wednesday.

Tuesday 9-25-18

Collect Lab Equip. foldables.  Read Safety rules sheet and discuss.  Click here for online Equipment flash cards.  Lab Equipment Test Wednesday.

Wednesday 9-26-18

Lab Equipment Test click here

Begin Lab Safety Webquest at:  http://www.baruch.cuny.edu/tutorials/weissman/chemlab/

Thursday 9-27-18

Finish Lab Safety Webquest ws and turn in.  Begin Lab Safety Story ws and picture.

Friday 9-28-18 Bunsen burner ws and video at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=W3xHWzmSOfU


Monday 9-17-18

Graph ISS contacts by state.  Data table and graph are due tomorrow.  Metric measurment and Graphing quiz will be Wed.

Tuesday 9-18-18

Collect ISS State Contact data and graph.

Matter PRE-test:  Click here 

Review for Graph & Measurement quiz.

Wednesday 9-19-18

Measure & graph test: click here

Read Equipment Powerpoint on Student/Teacher share drive and begin to complete Equipment puzzles ws, which will be due Friday.

Thursday 9-20-18

Equipment Lab - fill in pink sheet.  Equipment puzzles are due tomorrow. 

Click here for online flash cards.

Friday 9-21-18

Finish Equipment puzzles and turn in.  Finish pink lab equipment ws - use the PPT on the Student & Teacher share drive.  Begin Equipment accordion book.

Click here for online Equipment flash cards.



Monday 9-10-18

Set up Binders.  Begin Intro to Graphs packet.

Tuesday 9-11-18 Complete Bar graph worksheet.
Wednesday 9-12-18 Make a foldable showing metric prefixes and meanings.
Thursday 9-13-18

Begin to classify info using the International Space Station contacts with states.

Friday 9-14-18

Continue to classify data and begin to create graph.



Monday 9-3-18

No School - Labor Day

Tuesday 9-4-18 Review informational packet on Measuring.
Wednesday 9-5-18 Begin Measurement Lab.
Thursday 9-6-18

Finish Measurement Lab and collect.  Check for Binders.

Friday 9-7-18

Watch video on metric system at:  https://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-the-metric-system-matters-matt-anticole#review

Complete Measuring review ws.



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