Accounts Payable

Last Updated: 7/31/2019 6:12 PM

Jennifer Cepeda
Accounts Payable
Extension: 10357

Check the Board of Education page for meeting dates


Payment Schedule

Invoices are paid once a month, specifically the 4th Thursday of the month. This is when the School Board Members meet and the list of bills are reviewed and approved. In order to make sure the invoices are on the current list of bills, all invoices must be received the week prior to the meeting, preferably the 2nd Thursday of the month. Any invoices that are received after this day will be processed for payment the following month.


Instructions for receiving orders & packing slips

Check the boxes to ensure they belong to your school (in the past some shipments were delivered to the wrong school). Shipments containing multiple boxes are marked 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc. Check to see if you have received all boxes. If not, make note on the packing slip regarding which box(es) are missing and notify the company.
Remove all contents of boxes and check against packing list. Mark each item received with a check mark. Note any shortages or errors on the packing list and notify the company. If there is no packing list, copy the purchase order. Items received can be checked off. We must have some proof of delivery in order to pay the bills.
Date and initial the packing list and send to the Building Secretary as soon as possible. NOTE: Upon building secretary uploading in the system original slips will be returned to requestor if desired.



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