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Please select from the options to the right. Upon completion of the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, please return it to the Payroll Department. NOTE: If there are any changes to your bank (routing number, account number etc.) you'll need to resubmit a new form.  In attempt to avoid fraud we only accept Direct Deposit forms in-person or through inter-office mail.


Click on link below to access the Employee Access Center (EAC)

Employee Access Center


If you are a member of a collective bargaining unit you are required to pay your share of union dues.  These dues are collected over 20 payrolls beginning each school year.

American Federation of Teachers (A.F.T.)

2020-2021 Dues

Full Dues (> $43,000 annually)                                  

  • $731.00 per 20 pay checks = $36.55 per payroll*


Half Dues (< less than 1A teacher but more than or equal to $15,500 annually)

  • $409.62 per 20 pay checks = $20.48 per payroll*


American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (A.F.S.M.E.)

  • Fair Share Bargaining Unit 24 pay checks = $24.92 per payroll*


Federal income tax is deducted from payroll checks in accordance with the bi-weekly deduction charges of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal income tax deductions are based on your most recent W-$.  Deductions can be altered by increasing or decreasing the number of dependents which you have claimed on your W-4.  You may change your W-4 by contacting payroll department.

“Gross Earnings” or “Regular Earnings” include all salaries and/or wages prior to any I.M.R.F. or 403 B contribution deductions are processed.  I.M.R.F. and 403B contributions are not taxable.  Gross Earnings minus non-taxable deductions or earning equal your “Taxable Earnings”.




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