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This summer has been busy!  With steering committee meetings scheduled weekly, we are moving along with the design process for the new Burbank School.  


The district has adopted new math materials for all students.  Students in grades K-5 will be using materials from the Origo Stepping Stones Series.  This innovative core mathematics program is based on decades of research and will fully engage students in developing a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and practices.  Stepping Stones provides extensive online support for teachers and students that goes along with the print materials they will be using in the classroom.  Parents can also access resources and videos to help their students at home.  Parents should look for an introductory letter with more information about Origo after the school year begins.


Students in grades 6 through 8 will be using Carnegie Learning Worktexts and    Software. The Carnegie Learning Curricula was created for the Common Core by cognitive and computer scientists from Carnegie Mellon University, who are constantly innovating and applying research about how children learn to their materials.  Carnegie provides a student-centered classroom that helps students build a better conceptual understanding of mathematics by solving real-world problems that relate to their interests.  Carnegie also provides a wealth of online support for students, teachers and parents as they explore mathematical concepts together. 


The Curriculum Department will be hosting a number of Parent Nights this year in order to introduce our community to everything these exciting new series have to offer.  Check the district website in September for a full schedule of Parent Workshops.


Teachers in third and fourth grade will be implementing Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) this year, joining the kindergarten, first and second graders in their exploration of the scientific practices and cross-cutting ideas that make up the NGSS.  These standards include the critical thinking and communication skills that students need for success in high school, college, and citizenship in a world fueled by innovations in science and technology.  NGSS builds science knowledge through inquiry based investigations, formulating evidence based models, and engineering practices. Students will be learning that all good scientists are inquisitive about the world around them and that all great scientists also have excellent reading, writing, speaking and math skills!


The start of school is quickly approaching and I am looking forward to another productive year for District 111.  I would like to invite you and your families to join us at the Back to School Rally on August 27.  It is a family friendly event and a great way to celebrate the new school year.  In closing, don’t forget to check out the District 111 Facebook page.  It’s a fun way we communicate with our families while posting pictures and updates of all the exciting things going on in our schools. 


Great things are happening in District 111!  

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