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Mary Rein

Dear Parents and Students,

          Our school’s theme this year is, Get in the Game, Play to Win!  All our activities are planned around this theme. Fry school children will be attending an all school trip to the Homewood Science Center on various days. Our theme connects students to the different features of  game playing and how that benefits students emotional, socially and academically. We incorporate field learning. Our Fry students attend several field trips throughout the school year. Learning is enhanced by experiences.  Experiences support vocabulary and concepts. Students with a strong experience-base are often better readers and learners.  

          Burbank District 111 has adopted the math series that aligns with the Common Core State Standards.  The teachers evaluated several math curriculum series and selected  Origo, for first through fifth grades and Carnegie for sixth through eighth grades.  Several teachers shared that they liked the technology aspect, there is extra opportunities for students to practice a skill and the “hands on” manipulatives help students understand the concepts.

          We believe in rewarding students that consistently do what they are expected. Our school wide expectations are: Be Respectful, Be Determined, Be Safe and Be Responsible. We have planned six fabulous events to celebrate your respectful and cooperative child.   We will inform you parents on the focus, so you can encourage your child, as well.

          Our P.F.C.  president this year, Mrs. April Tralewski, invites families to attend our month PFC meetings.  We have a team of parent leaders that volunteered last school year and helped with many school events. Join us at our monthly PFC meetings.

          A highly successful school, has parents that work with the school to support their child’s learning.  We care about your child and we are here to help!  If you have a concern, please contact your classroom teacher or myself.

With the Highest Regards,

Ms. Mary T. Rein



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